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Lets start this by going through all the questions I get asked regularly:

- How did you start magic ?

When I was a teen I began learning magic as a hobby and during my travels around the world and performing to people I met, eventually I started to perform professionally and before I knew it the interest in me as a Magician skyrocketed and I got requests for a wide variety of events.

- What sort of magic do you perform?

Everything! Okay that may not necessarily be true but I do perform as much varied Magic as I can think of, I love a challenge and if I have a fun crowd I will happily improvise with requests and try to be as diverse and innovative as I can be. I don't like to reveal too much here as a Magician should be full of surprises!

- Where will you travel?

Most places globally I will work and travel, I have spent a number of years performing magic in Australia and Asia. This year I have been regularly working around Europe. On a day to day basis I am working all over the UK, distance has never been an issue.

- Is this your full time job?

Yes indeed! I work very hard and progressing at magic is a full time job, this is a good way of knowing that your very own Kaleb Zebadi is a Magician of professional quality.

- What are your prices?

I charge on an hourly basis and distance from Bristol. The prices will depend entirely on the event, number of guests, type of performance. There is a great variety in events that I perform at so it is impossible for me to offer a one shoe fits all price on my website. Do pop over to my Contact and Bookings and type in for a quick Quote however.

- Are you suitable for my event?

Usually the answer is yes. Lets dive into the details a bit more however, first I like to ask a few questions to see if this fits in your criteria:

Do you have guests attending your event?

Will the guests have a chance to socialise with each other during?

Are there any waiting periods during the evening? E.G. Queuing, waiting for food, pre-speech time, reception etc.

Magic is a great time filler, ice breaker and definitely a way to keep the event memorable for the guests.

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